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Our Customers
  • Governments

    Provides complete fundamental inspection technology, port scanning and risk level evaluation.Also provides cross-departmental scans and reports to assist in securing government network protection.

    Users: The Legistative Yuan of ROC, Executive Yuan of ROC, The Control Yuan of ROC, National Palace Museum, National Museum of History, Taipei Fine Arts Museum etc.

  • Finance Services /    Insurance

    Provides cutting edge protective security scanner to financial related institutions who require the highest demand of anti-hacker mechanism. Reduce the risk of accredited information leak, and effectively improve MIS efficiency. Users: Financial Supervisory Commission of Executive Yuan, Taiwan Stock Exchange, Bank of Taiwan, The Capital Group, Kuo Hua Life Insurance etc.

  • Educations

    Assists Educational Institutions and Administration Departments in basic security scan and provides Graphical Analysis Report to Information Centre. Help reduces security risks among the personal computers of the staff and students.

    Users: Industrial Technology Research Institute of ROC, National Science Council, Chinese Culture University, National Cheng Kung University etc

  • Telecommunication     / ICT

    Tailored for corporate customers with unlimited IP, the fast, complete and accurate scan protection gives them hacker-free environment.

    Users: Aido, Taiwan Telecom Technology Center, ChungHwa Telecom, Taiwan Fixed Network, Far Eastone Telecommunications, SeedNet etc.

  • Other

    The most powerful protective solution. Assists MIS to inspect the vulnerability in a company's network, and improve vulnerability management result with ease. Also provides the comparison for the last two scans.

    Users: Taiwan Power Company, Chinese Petroleum Corporation, ACER, Pizza Hut, DHL Taiwan, Inventec Corporation etc.