The proactive vulnerability assessment solution: “DragonSoft vulnerability management” scanner enhances your network security that detects and probe the existing flaws from the network environment before hackers find out. There comes various report forms for different kinds of users. Moreover, MIS/IT staff can manage the network security more easily and efficiently according to suggested patch recommendations. Below is the Frequently Asked Questions for DragonSoft Vulnerability Management users:


 Q1. Do I need network vulnerability scanner if I have firewall protection?
 Q2. Is the vulnerability scanner really important?
 Q3. Is there any difference between vulnerability scanner and an IDS. ( Intrusion detection System )
 Q4. Can DragonSoft Secure Scanner scan the UNIX workstation?
 Q5. Can DragonSoft Secure Scanner scan an internet workstation by crossing network section?
 Q6. Does DragonSoft Secure Scanner support security audit of wireless network?
 Q7. Can DragonSoft Scanner cooperate with other relative security products?
 Q8. Does DragonSoft Scanner lock the target of IP address range?
 Q9. What is the operating procedure of DragonSoft Scanner?
Q10. What system DragonSoft Scanner can install and scan?
Q11. Does network manager need to wait for result in person all the time when executing scan?
Q12. Can DragonSoft Scanner users create their audit policy themselves?
Q13. What should we do for good protection after scanning?
Q14. How do we update the vulnerability database?
Q15. How much data is in the DragonSoft Scanner database at present?
Q16. How to evaluate secure scanner?
Q17. Where can DragonSoft Scanner be installed?
Q18. Can I configure how many hosts are listed in the most vulnerable hosts list in the report?
Q19. Is there only HTML report? Is there any other type?
Q20. What does "Service" means in the scan result? Why are there hosts that do not show any service information while others do?
Q21. Will we answer users calling for service, when users support service which they bought expired?
Q22. How do I solve problems when using DragonSoft Scanner?


To learning more about DragonSoft Vulnerability Scanner concept and applications, please download the complete DVM FAQ.pdf