DragonSoft Vulnerability Management
Please contact us for product support when you encounter any questions during the use of DragonSoft Vulnerability Management.
DragonSoft Service department is standing by to handle your questions.
Call DragonSoft at weekdays from 9:00am ~ 6:00pm, GMT +8
Attn: DragonSoft Service Department
Tel: +886-2-25010118
Please provide following detail for speedy service:
1. Company name
2. Contact person
3. Contact telephone, fax and email
4. General description of the product enquiry

Please send us emails to service[at]dragonsoft.com
We will respond to your request in soonest instance.

DragonSoft Vulnerability Management provides product update and service through “Online Support System(OSS)”, as well as update information of DragonSoft Vulnerability Database.
● Vulnerability Database Update: http://vdb.dragonsoft.com/