2008/03: DragonSoft was awarded with 11TH IT Best ChoiceInstitute for Information Industry.

2007/10: DragonSoft participated in Systems 2007, Germany.

2007/06: DragonSoft participated in CommunicAsia 2007, Singapore.

2007/01: DragonSoft Publish Security Vulnerability Management Solution for Small & Medium Business.

2005/07: DragonSoft Certified Security Engineer (DCSE).

2005/01: Sharing Security Information with My Security Zone by ZyXEL.

2004/08: Announced establishment of Asia Vulnerability Alert Center (A-VAC).

2004/07: Signed Linux Patch Service alliance agreement with CLARA ONLINE (Japan).

2004/06: Released DragonSoft Secure Scanner English trial version download.

2004/06: Release exclusive "Chinese/ English bilingual vulnerability database".

2004/02: Released revolutionary Automatic Vulnerability Assessment Software -- DragonSoft Secure Scanner (Advanced version).

2003/08: Provided free Windows RPC vulnerability scan tool.

2003/05: Released IIS web server protection software-- DragonSoft Web Protector.

2002/06: Created the first Chinese Vulnerability Database in the world.

2002/05: Released the first Chinese based Vulnerability Assessment Software --DragonSoft Secure Scanner in the world.

2001/11: DragonSoft security team focused on researching and developing Vulnerability Assessment product.