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Aido flash social network community - showing yourself with creativity
The "2.5 Dimensions Avatar" multi-recreational, dynamic social networking website was developed and launched by Dragonsoft in 2000. The society combines creative features such as social networking, chat rooms, online instant messaging, personalized rooms, roll-play, personal screenshot stickers, the virtual reality technology is the first of its kind in Taiwan.

Our duty and responsibilities are to provide a mindful and secured flash social network community
In order to assure Aido's great users network efficiency and secured service, the continuous adoption of high performance servers was implemented with DragonSoft's "DragonSoft Vulnerability Management" system since 2004. The ISMS(Information Security Management System) assessment ensures a truly safe network service for Aido's users, mitigate risk of information leakage and offers complete internal information security protection for Aido system engineers and designers.

Vulnerability Scan, not difficult at all
During initiation of ISMS introduction, it is generally perceived that "risk evaluation and audit" are very complicated and professional tasks. However, through the use of the DVM complete Chinese audit reports, the front-end managers can easily identify and solve problems, the DVM interface provides a strong modular applications to carry out easy, effective vulnerability scanning, remediation and intuitive operation, the PDCA(Plan-Do-Check-Act) requirement in ISMS is complied and achieved.

Test the result of “risk management performance" means comparison analysis
DVM not only helps to find vulnerability efficiently, but also remediate the possible harm to websites. The comparison analysis interprets risk difference before and after the supervision, its bridging role closes gaps between security department and others. We trust and recommend "DragonSoft Vulnerability Management" for your optimal use.