The increasing cyber crime rate has hard impacts on major business operation organizations, to name a few: malware, SQL injection, buffer overflow, internet fraud, web defacement etc. which all attempt to steal valuable data. DragonSoft Security Associates, The Leading Brand of Vulnerability Scanner MADE IN TAIWAN, is leading a global alliance of security professionals to prevent possible attacks before it happens, the impregnable fortress recovers undetected network vulnerability, mitigate risks to minimum level.
DragonSoft Security Global Alliance
      In our line of business, partners are key factors to road of success, the integrated program is enhanced to achieve bigger margin, greater support, improved customer satisfaction, which in the end making your business gearing towards a prosperous and sustainable future. DragonSoft believes in innovation, integrity, mutual respect and mutual trust, everyone is treated with just, if you have been searching for stable products and a go-get-it working atmosphere, this is definitely a right place to be.

Three Tier partner program
      There are 3 tiers of DragonSoft channel partners: Gold Disti, Silver Disti, Bronze Disti.

Gold Disti : This level is appropriate for MNC distributors of major information security products. Whose client markets of large corporate or central governmental agencies with network of at least 1,000 host PCs and servers. Their provided service has high localization and demand customization characteristics. A strong marketing and technical/customer support background, self-sufficient to deal with almost all kinds of customer enquiries effectively. Note that only one Gold Disti is authorized to a country per contractual period.
Silver Disti :   This level is appropriate for distributors who headquarters in their applying country. Most of their offerings are security and networking related products, dealing with medium to large enterprises. Their market coverage are national, able to attend to customers needs with above-average product capability, with growing vision to handle major business projects in medium run.
Bronze Disti : This level is appropriate for distributors who are keen to adopt new information security products besides existing IT offering. Their clientele are SMB users with limited budget to spend on security products, limited security knowledge and IT personnel to fulfill their info-sec requirements. Their reaches are normally provincial or urban, serving local market with basic network protections.

*Note: Limited to one place per country.

About DragonSoft Security Associates
  DragonSoft is a leading developer of network security in Asia Pacific. The contribution of vulnerability management research and design has achieved CVE certification. Our solution is widely used by government bodies, banking, financial services and insurance to mitigate risks against exploits, prioritize threat management through professional assessment. Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, DragonSoft delivers products and services to corporate clients worldwide. For more information, please visit
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