DragonWAF Benefits

DragonWAF offers protections in 10 aspects, with following benefits:

  1. DragonWAF protects websites from becoming a phising target or hotbed of malicious links.

  2. DragonWAF protects against website data or back-end data breach.

  3. DragonWAF protects against illegally gaining web master access or termination of web services.

  4. DragonWAF protects against web directory traversal or URL infringement.

  5. DragonWAF shows true website status, including those encrypted web pages, which is different from conventional firewalls.

  6. DragonWAF records malicious attacks and their IP addresses, analyzable to trace the source.

  7. DragonWAF will recover/restore defaced web pages to original state if they are hacked.

  8. Verify security requirements on web programming languages.

  9. Record attack history in detail for legal requirement purpose.

  10. Follow OWASP / PCI -DSS 6.6 compliance.