DragonWAF Specifications


DragonSoft Web Application Firewall Specifications
Models Basic Advanced Enterprise
Target User Group Individual websites
Small Businesses
Government, academic, finance
Web Hosting
Protection Scope 1 Domain 5 Domain Unlimited Domains
Web Server(X86) IIS5 / IIS6 / IIS7 IIS6 / IIS7 IIS6 / IIS7
NoteThe features are identical throughout the entire product range to keep optimal state of protection.
  • Website malicious attack & injection filtration
  • Customizable Remote Warning Page
  • SQL Injection Prevention
  • Buffer Overflow Protection
  • OWASP/PCI-DSS 6.6 compliant
  • Shellcode Exploits Prevention
  • HTTP Allowed Methods Prevention
  • Encoding Attack Prevention
  • Directory Traversal Prevention
  • Keyword Strings Filtration
  • Coss Site Scripting, (XSS) Attack Prevention
  • AJAX Attack Prevention
  • X Path Attack Prevention
  • XML Attack Prevention
  • Allow Directory Prevention
  • Support SSL websites

Note: The full subscribers of DragonWAF are given 1 year free update service (including software, new modules), the software continue to provide operability after license expiry except normal protection mechanism and module updates. DragonSoft offers once-off software upgrading home service during licensed period, contact local dealers in your areas to purchase the maintenance license services.