Dragon Data Loss Prevention & Recovery System (Dragon DLP & R)

Dragon Data Loss Prevention and Recovery is your best DLP & Recovery solution.

In order to comply with Personal Privacy Act and everincreasing web security requirements, DragonSoft launches a next-generation DLP (Data Loss Prevention and Data Recovery) concept product: Dragon DLP & R. The program offers protection to internal hosts and cloud-based service platforms, effectively control and prevent all unsafe activities from malicious users, ensuring integrity, availability and confidentiality of files in the security management process.

As from March 2011, Dragon DLP&R becomes a bonus feature for purchased users, the online DragonWAF update enables free DLP&R Lite download, making self-protection a best solution for DragonWAF users.

Through the perfect combination of DragonWAF and Dragon DLP&R Lite, websites are equipped with “Frontend defense, backend recovery” protective totality.

Dragon DLP&R Lite Specification
  • Email Alert
  • Quarantine
  • Data Recovery
  • Malicious Web URL Extraction
  • Excel Reporting
  • FTP Recovery
  • Shared Folder Recovery
  • Matched-name Protection
  • Selective folder protection
  • Add/Adjust/Delete&Recover files


  1. The specification above applies on DLP&R Lite Version

  2. DLP&R Lite is suitable for IIS web servers, the Apache version will be announced in Q4, 2011.

  3. DLP&R Lite protects own host only, not for other backup/defense/isolated path. For more comprehensive protective Dragon DLP&R, contact your local dealers, or write to DragonSoft sales department.

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