DragonWAF Center

(DragonSoft Web Application Firewall Center – Multi-server-multi-website Managed Service Solution)
DragonWAF Center supports two major streams of web servers: IIS and Apache. With instant protection, DragonWAF Center alerts webmasters and contact windows via emails upon security breach above threshold, to take precautionary measures. Having DragonWAF Center installed on your web server, one can manage, analyze and control threat factors on a multi-server, multi-website management platform.


Product Specification

  • Manage Remote DragonWAF
  • Login Rights Management
  • Centralized Email Notification
  • Web Contact List Management
  • Website Attack Alert
  • Protected Domain Status
  • Attack Data Analysis
  • Defense Table Analysis
  • Program Update Service
  • Excel Conversion
  • Transplatform Connection
  • Advanced Report Analysis


Coming Soon................

Website Ping Check/Protection Policy Management/Web Path Protection Log/Malicious IP Listing/Default Recovery/Website Groups Management/White List Notification