DragonSoft Application Scanner

Surveys conducted by research firm Gartner show: 97% of websites have web application vulnerabilities. And 75% of Web application vulnerabilities become subjects used by hackers.

Implementation of Personal Information Protection Act is round the corner, just like a storm. For violation of this Act, the max sum of claims can be up to NT$ 2 billion while business owners may assume up to five years of criminal responsibility. So, is your website safe enough?

When membership information, credit card information, account passwords and other confidential information are stolen by hackers, your information security gate becomes wide open. Be careful, your information security event may be leaded by main news media!

DAS is the latest product researched and developed by DragonSoft to scan web application vulnerabilities. It has functions such as webpage vulnerability detection, site structure analysis, vulnerability report and vulnerability scanning elf to assist businesses in maintaining a safe website and reduce the risk of leakage of Personal Information. Therefore, it is an indispensable management tool for information security and network managers.