DragonSoft Vulnerability Management

DragonSoft Vulnerability Management(DVM) is designed for mid to large corporate's optimal network security vulnerability management solution. The Security Scanner and Vulnerability Risk Management are DVM's two major features, making DVM a leading Network Vulnerability Assessment solution of its kind. With efficient network vulnerability probing capability, central management platform on both internal and external host machine security states, the key security officers and network admin staffs can make swift informed decisions against potential network threats.

  • Windows GUI user friendly interface, support Windows 2000 / 2003 / 2008 / XP/ Vista operating systems installation
  • Support network vulnerability scans on servers or workstations running Windows, UNIX, Linux and AIX operating systems
  • Fully integrated with English and Chinese interface, audit information and remediation suggestions
  • RAS (Remote Access Scanning)
  • Customizable scan for host IP, IP range and check list input
  • Support scan on Web / Mail / FTP / File / Samba servers
  • Support FTP Brute Force Audit Checks
  • Support inquiry function on ICMP, TCP, IP, UDP Communication Protocols
  • Support HTTP Proxy, Multi-Thread HTTP scan
  • Support TCP/UDP port and SNMP inquiry and other services running on network host machine
  • Vulnerability Audit Report-Provides Top 6 most vulnerable hosts list
  • Vulnerability Audit Report-Provides operating system and network services list
  • Vulnerability Audit Report-Provides Host Summary Mapping
  • Offer firewall suggestion on high risk level IP/Ports in host's audit result
  • Defines CVE, BugTraq, X-Force, CVSS risk scores