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What is DragonWAF
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Competitive Advantage
Deployment Type
Versions Basic Advanced Enterprise
User Class Personal Website SMB Mid2Large Size Gov/Academic Finance Sectors IDC Web Hosting
Protected Domains 1 5 Unlimited
IIS Version(X86) IIS 5 IIS 6 IIS 7 IIS 6 IIS 7 IIS 6 IIS 7
Malicious Attacks Prevention
SQL Injection Prevention
Buffer Overflow Protection
HTTP Methods Protection
Shell Code Exploits Prevention
Encoding Attack Prevention
Keyword Strings Filtering
Directory Traversal Filtering
Directory Protection
Customizable Remote Warning Page
XSS Attacks Prevention
AJAX Attacks Prevention
PCI-DSS 6.6 Compliance
XPath/XML Exploits Prevention
Support i-Protect Mode
Coming Soon
Trust list
Tamper-Proof&Website Restore

"DragonWAF Trial" is freely available on DragonSoft website with 14-day protection, after expiry date, there will only be attack warnings in non-protection mode.